The Universe, now extracting urine.

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Did I say to my PC when I built it, “please piss me off endlessly”?

Did I? I don’t recall saying it. It’s just died (again) with a new and shiny error – a problem with an NTFS driver. This is in my list of things that shouldn’t be happening. I did however manage to find out when my ex-mentor is working, so I can encourage her to send the reference off. I also booked shifts. What’s that you said about a Social Life?

I also got Kate’s prezzie. I got some shiny shiny oil for the bike, and I may have obtained more crap… I came across an old garage sign that they’d found doing some construction work. Apparently they’re planning to have a display of the stuff they’ve found when they finish. In the unlikely event that they finish before I leave Brizzy, they may ring and say I can have it. It’s an old Mobiloil advert on enamel. Just saw it and thought ‘hey, I fancy that’ so I asked and maybe I’ll get it.

So, really, it’s quite a positive day apart from the whole computer issue, which is driving me to the brink of insanity.


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