Dark Angel

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So, I finally got to watching the rest of DA, I’ve been on somewhat of a DA kick of late and have just finished watching Season 2; including the last few episodes which I’d previously not seen. Season 2 is vastly better than Season 1; I guess that’s what comes of giving your characters a backstory that the viewer is aware of. It’s much darker too; the new enemy bringing a much more sinister plot line than that of season 1.

Which makes the ending of the story, where it does end, that much more frustrating. There are story lines which are clearly waiting to unfold. the writers finally tangling all the  threads of the story into one complex mass; but then… the season ends…

Lauren says there’s two books which quickly finish off the story but tell no-where near all of the possible threads… It turns out there’s a third book that’s a prequel, which I may have to nab. It all adds to my collect of series that I thought were really good which got canned. Feh.


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