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I’m becoming one of those ‘Mac’ people. Those irritating people who ‘love’ Macs. My hackintosh / macinhac is lush to use – it reminds me of the ease of using RISC OS from years ago. It is, I’m sure, not as much of a joy to program – and obviously booting takes a bit longer – but the thing as a whole fits together really nicely.

I’m obviously biased, I never liked windows, but I never was that impressed with Mac OS – and my experience of Mac OS X on the G3 before was, well, yeah. Lets just say it wasn’t as fast or shiny as this is (to be fair, it was 10.0.1 or somesuch early version).

Anyway, it’s all pretty much working; the soundcard has some problems – the video card isn’t fast enough (as it’s not using much in the way of acceleration) to play video full screen, but the ntfs disk mounted and the files have been copied. If everything remains dandy and lovely the NTFS disk will be becoming an HFS+ disk (is that right oh mac-ey people?) and the conversion will be complete.  At the moment I’ve imported my mail, my bookmarks, and started work on dumping my docs on here. I need to get Office installed, and FCP, and a few other things. I’m even trying iTunes.

I know. Easily swayed by Th3 Pr33ty.

I’m preparing to get a firewall installed – courtesy of e-bay and Lauren, Queen of Networks. Although installing hardware that I can’t work on my network is somewhat antithetical to my normal beliefs, having a firewall that makes sticking anything onto the network and not having to stress completely about it; it’s a good idea and probably worth the sum of money it’ll cost. I’ll also need to sort out a Wireless router – but that shouldn’t be to complex. And some file-sharing ‘twixt windows on the lounge PC (DVD / CD player) and my Macinhack. Now I just need to get my RISC PC on the network and we’ll have a truly hetrogenous network. Oh, and my printer.

Anyway, enough of that. The job: Well, I’ve finally got my occy health form sent, I hope. I got a letter from the Drs saying “please come visit, we need you to check the form”; so I went over, they couldn’t find any record of the form, of having the request, anything. So I went home, grabbed the letter, and went back. They couldn’t find the form. They rang the sender of the letter who said where it should be, but it wasn’t, the form now being missing.

They then rang and said they’d found the scanned copy of the form on the computer and couldn’t be certain whether they’d sent it or not. So I went over, the form was fine, and I didn’t push the fact that they’d potentially broken the law by sending it. *sigh*.

Anyway, they said they’d send it yesterday – so hopefully it should get there today or tomorrow. I’ll ring them tomorrow to check, but we can but hope. If that’s the case, then by the end of the week I should be able to start putting in mortgage pre-qualification stuff, as I’ll know how much I’m paid and so on, and then I can start looking for a house. It is, of course, getting ‘rather tight’ now.

I’m also continuing to try and clear out crap. The old PC bits have been put on Freecycle and the new cases are much smaller (and prettier. Look, it’s a pseudo mac ;-) ). I’ve got a bunch of stuff to go to the tip, the Videocorder went to a new home (shockingly) – and yeah, all is good on that front. There’s so much packing to do though, I still have far too much crap.

It’s just now – working out what I want to keep and what can go, well, it’s all a bit much. Right at this moment I’m trying to sort out backing up some CDs and DVDs for Lauren. Friends of mine will realise quite what a trial this is for me and her *g*.

Anyway, today is a work day – although I’ve come over all tired from eating lunch (hrm, nap time?) so I best start meandering in that direction. It’s weird around here though. Lauren’s moving from Bristol, I’m moving from Bristol, I’ve been here 5 years and kinda thought I’d stay here – then the whole Canada thing happened and this is a kind of dry run for that – staying in the safety of England but still moving away from all my friends. The house is filled with boxes, both hers and mine. In a few days time most of the furniture in the house will be gone. There will be no bookcases, bar my two crappy ones. Half of the house won’t be being used at all. Although I may do more packing and thus fill that. I’m going to have to dig my stereo out of retirement – to save me going insane. And I need to come up with something to stand the TV on!

It’s all a bit weird. Exciting, but scary too.

Uh hu.

So, there y’go.


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