I am coming to you now, live from Macosia

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Currently my computer room looks like this:

Chaos in the office

Which is okay, because my screen looks like this:

OS X on *my* ancient monitor

You know, the next machine may have to be a new Mac. Mmm. Mac. We’ll see though, it seems nice and quick – which is pretty suprising, but then it’s all clean and not crudded up with my crap. Of course, I’m going to *have* to use iTunes now I’m on a mac, pretty much, although I probably will have a look round for something more ‘lightweight’. I’ve also ended up with an *entire* *spare* Sempron 2800 system, which I shall be making into the machine of lounge location. Yes.

So, we shall be continuning. It would be nice to have my USB keyboard working, it worked *before*, but seems to be playing up now, so I’m currently using the old and much battered keyboard (which I note needs a clean). It would also be nice to be able to turn around in the chair without hitting something, but we’ll see how we go with that.

So, as I was footling, trying to get all Mac OS Xified – as I’m wont to do with new OS’s, it’s a bit of a new experience. But it is very shiny and I’m easily swayed by shiny.

Oooh. Must hurry, need to get lunched and gone by 1, and I need to go to the shops first.

Anyway, so I was footling and the doorbell went, and there outside was Nikki and Kate with a Congratulatory present. In keeping with the requirements specified by Nikki and Kate when giving me the prezzie, meet Emma Zed:

Emma Zed on Cherry Zed
Emma Zed on Rebecca, showing off her boots


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