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So, I’ve spent some of the morning watching Spin (that there is a Google Video type link); I got the link from Sonjaaa’s Live Journal. It’s 60 minutes long and I really recommend it to you guys. You can actually download it in mp4 format from here, rather than watching it on GV. Although I can’t say what the quality is like ‘cos I’ve not finished downloading it yet…

It’s really quite unnerving, the extent to which the media manipulates the news; and is manipulated by the politicians. Things like the complete exclusion of a candidate from the presidential race from the media. How is that justifyable? And the lack of transparency – allowing politically generated footage to air on the news as ‘news’ and not as a political message.

It’s just… frightening. I’d always assumed that the media filmed and edited the news to reflect what it wanted, and to forward the agenda of whoever is in charge of the media outlet at that time – not that I wish to sound like a paranoid nutcase, but I don’t assume that anyone ever gives an entirely unbiased story. But starting to grasp the extent of it, well, it’s really quite scary.


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