High Quality Turkish Parts

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So, I’ve had this slight problem with the bike; not a major issue but a noticable one; the bike was, when hot, struggling under load to hit more than 50mph. It’d get to about 60, but it took it’s own sweet time about it.

So, a bit of a prod and we reveal the high quality turkish components issue:

Coil - with a hole

What you can’t really see is that inside that dent is a hole

Now, coils are filled with oil to insulate and I suspect also to cool. This one however, probably isn’t. I can’t imagine how that hole could have got there, except before it was fitted. So, you have to be impressed. Incidentally, if there’re any MZ afficinados reading this, the photo’s of the coil in place on Claire’s frame, because I have a sieve like memory and this way I get to keep the wiring in place.

Whilst I was there I finally got around to attacking the brake / tail light with a Sharpie. You can see in this delightful montage that the Turkish made one has faded hideously; and one of the comments at the MOT was that it was ‘letting through a small amount of white light’ – which was MOT speak for ‘that’s really rather ropey’. So yes, 15 minutes with a Sharpie and it looks a bit more like an original MZ one.

Brake light montage

Anyway, I should get on with… reading Trey’s letter. No. I should get on with my Dissertation. Yes.


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