Well, this is very cool

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Obviously the data collected by this would be fantastic for music industry execs, but Pandora is an incredibley good concept and it appears to work very well indeed. Sufficiently well impressed to give them my e-mail address. Obviously, as Chrissy said, the data they collect must be incredibly valueable; but the selection of music that’s played has been pretty darn cool so far – obviously, I suffer from ‘having a vast and expansive taste in music’ – in that you have to try quite hard to find stuff I actively don’t like, and quite a lot of stuff falls into the ‘quite nice ear candy’ catagory.

Anyway, yes, it’s quite definately interesting. But then I love music so I would say that.

I think it helps that the new set up of the room means I can actually hear stuff in Stereo which is nice – I’d forgotten what it was like.


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