Damn this summer lazyness

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I need to do the editing of my Chapter 3 – but the sun’s out and although I’m not a sun creature (more a mountains, snow and rocks creature) I do just feel the urge to laze. Not made any better by the fact my hayfever’s been completely evil today – and I’m still an itchy eyes / blocked and runny nose type person. At least the anti-histamines have made me feel human.

I shall have to work after I get back from my appointment, but the enthusiasm for riding into the centre of Brizzy in all my bike gear for an appointment where he’ll tell me to get some blood taken, I’ll get it taken, he’ll make an appointment for me in a year’s time, and la, that’s it… well it’s not great. But I must go.

I just spent a little while crafting a post on Gingerbeer – who we stewarded between (them and dykes on bikes) a few years ago begging, nay pleading for 2 stewards (for Guy). Hopefully they’ll come through or we’ll be the world’s shortest float. Not that I mind, but people might think ‘that’s a bit odd’ :-)

Anyway, Dr’s Appt, then Dissertation, I promise.


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