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So, I’m filling in this exciting form to apply for a job. I’d like to send it off in the next couple of days; but I’ve been reminded how much I hate (really hate) application forms. Hell, application forms, interviews, everything.

So, if anyone has any suggestions for improvement on the following I’d be really grateful:

Prior to starting my training I worked for 15 months as a healthcare assistant in [Freds Magic Hospial]; this enabled me to gain experience of the hospital environment and of hands on patient care. I have continued throughout my training to work in this role as it provides a degree of continuity with ward work which is not provided by the nursing course. This has given me a good grounding in the interpersonal skills required to engage with patients; and to build a comprehensive and evidence based care programme with the client’s involvement. Maintaining this role has also granted me far greater ward experience than would normally be the case and as staff have been aware of my student status they have often made use of my skills.

In both roles I have worked in a wide variety of wards and departments (including trauma / orthopaedic, surgical, medical, gynecological, rehabilitation, accident & emergency, assessment and palliative care) spread across four different hospitals and also working in the community.

I will bring to the ward commitment and enthusiasm for the role, and an appreciation of the importance of team work in the delivery of high quality care. I am a friendly approachable individual with a good grasp of the limitations of my current knowledge and experience as a (soon to be) newly qualified nurse. [I think this should probably read as something about my opportunites to develop as a newly qualified staff nurse rather than my limitations (cheers Aisling!)]

I am a highly motivated individual, and am keen to both consolidate my knowledge and, over time, to  develop as a nurse within a ward environment. I have particular interest in the needs of disadvantaged social and economic groups within the care process and in the provision of evidence based holistic care.


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