Dull, dull, dull.

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So, I’ve got the next two days ‘off’; in that time I’ve got several things I need to do:

  • Action plan for essay. Find evidence. Implement plan. Write 2000 word essay.
  • Polish of reviewing those last two papers. Hope the two I’ve ordered are good.
  • Attack the EU Packs a bit.
  • Swim.
  • Find out what I need to have done for Friday’s Uni Day; and do it.

I’ve rung about the moved goalposts / government forms. I’ve prodded into action the machines that need prodding. Christ knows what’d’ve happened if I’d’ve not rung.

I also need to:

  • Service my car (in the near future, it’s not desparate yet but the brakes are starting to pull slightly to the left, so I reckon they’re due the service they’ve not had for the last 2 and a bit years…). They tyres need ‘rotating’ – because the front ones are looking a trifle worn. Not at the wear limit, but getting awfully close, so I shall swap them round a bit. Hopefully it might help me track down the hideous shudder. But I really can’t afford to replace them before the end of the placement – and this placement is hard on tyres (all bloody roundabouts and nice-to-drive curvy British roads)
  • Strip my bike’s frame. Someone’s very kindly (incredibly kindly) offered to weld up the frame for me – which I really need done, but I need to strip the bike down to just the frame.

Excitement is clearly brewing in the House of Elliott ;-)

No, seriously. The next period of time looks to be very hard. I’m feeling a bit lonely today too, I let myself off working on the basis that I saw what I wrote in my journal yesterday and thought ‘hey, if I write gibberish like that as an assignment, that’ll be badness; so we’ll skip on that plan – so I actually have let myself off work. I practiced the guitar – but my hands ached (I managed about 20 minutes – handy, ‘cos dinner was warm then). I’ve been spending too much time using the PC, and using it in the unergonomic slumped position I’m so fond of – so it’s my own fault. Also, the house being cold doesn’t help – they (my hands) always hurt when it’s cold. Not so much in AK, actually, interestingly. Meh.

I wasn’t as knackered as I could have been – mind I had my dissertation meeting today which knocked about an hour off my shift :-)

But I still feel just too tired to achieve anything much. That didn’t stop me from…watching Northern Exposure. Just the two episodes (I’ve only got three left! Then I’m out of DVD); the Season 2 DVDs are substantially better than the Season one ones, having chapters – granted only about 4 for each episode; and some deleted scenes stuff. The menus are nicer… the disks don’t leap on and start playing the first episode, but could they not have made the order of the episodes a bit easier to follow? No? Ah well. The video quality’s pretty good on the disks too – and the characters seem much better written in the second season. They’ve got a backstory now, the feel more like people. One of the deleted / alternate scenes, I’m so glad they didn’t use it, although being a very similar script to the one they did use – it was just…unrealistic and terrible. Awful. *shudders*.

I’ve also watched The Bourne Identity. Yes, it was excellent – as it always is. Mustn’t do the kid-type thing and overwatch it though. Was going to watch the Bourne Supremacy for afters, but decided against it… being as I’m exhausted… and heading to bed shortly.


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