Plenty of running, no discernable movement

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It’s been one of those days. It’s been okay, I had a really good swim – by which I mean, vastly overcompetitive racing Nikki down the pool, arms and legs complaining, beating the frustration out of myself swim. I’m way slower than I was; I’m not getting nearly enough time in the water.

It’s this darned work.

Of which I’ve achieved a little today. I struggled to get going – but managed to find some papers and things; and then… ran out of paper. So I used that as an excuse to head over and see Nikki and John – who were trying to coax his SC100 into running. I scabbed lunch and as it started to snow I headed off – much kudos to Nikki and John for going on with trying to get it going despite the worst / coldest weather we’ve had for days.

Anyway, I headed off to open a new shiny bank account – managed – got stuck in traffic, bought some paper (discovered Woolworths nee Big W no longer stock multipacks of reams of paper) and err, a Cafetiere (sp.). Look, I know I shouldn’t spend money. But it was 3 quid, and Aunt Peter gave me this fucking excellent coffee, and it goes straight through my little single cup filter – so I’ve only been having it when other people are here. And I want to have it for me. Because it’s really damn nice (and also running out. Trey’s been given strict instructions to grovel for me for more coffee when she arrives in the frozen North).

So, then I sat in traffic some more, got home, reloaded the Ozone Creator Laser Printer with fresh shiny 80gsm paper (my, so thin) prodded at my work some more in a half hearted way and then realised I’d given them the wrong NI number. I’d managed to swap the first and middle pair of numbers. Gah. So I’ll be heading down again tomorrow to say “I’m some kind of moronic fool who gives you random numbers instead of my own NI number….” I also twigged that I got it wrong on some other form. I used to know it off by heart – and my brain still thinks I do, but I don’t. Which is frustrating. *sigh*

Never mind.


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