Fuck me gently with a chainsaw…

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And other such phrases popped into my head as I realised how clever they’ve been at UWE.

Photocopying, as we’re all aware, is pretty cheap these days, except at UWE where photocopying still costs 5p per sheet. Which is, as I’ve whinged before, more than I paid at Birmingham 5 years ago, more than my local news agent (2p a sheet) and indeed more than is reasonable.

So, I took out a tenner, more than I have really to spare at the moment, and decided that today I would photocopy all the stuff for the EU Packs. These are European Union packs – which cover topics not covered in the ‘taught’ theory or practice – which ‘prove’ that we’re competent to nurse in other countries.

So, handily, UWE actually have a ‘pack’ of the stuff photocopied; but then since they don’t actually carry the books referenced in the pack in the library I guess they have to, really. Then I realised that double sided photocopying, whilst saving the environment millions of trees, doesn’t actually cost any less at UWE. Yes indeed, it’s the cost of 2 single copies.

Still, it saves me space which is handy. But then I had a thought; unlike when I’m copying real books/journals – because the majority of the packs are single sided photocopies I can’t do multiple pages per sheet – but the thought was: ‘hey, this is a modern digital copier, it probably has the scan-multiple-sheets-make-one function’. It does. But it’s disabled.


So, I spent 7 of my feeble 10 quid on photocopying. *sighs*

I’ve also found out that I’m not going to be able to go to Alaska with Trey at Xmas; because I need to be at home for Xmas (for obvious reasons), and my 3 weeks off at Xmas run from the 19th of December, so the most I could possibly have in America would have been 1 week, which isn’t enough to make it even possible. Not that I could have afforded it, it’d’ve totally been Trey paying, which would have made me feel very guilty anyway, and she wasn’t sure if she could afford it anyway, but still. It sucks.

That’s probably enough whinging really. Oooh, back in a sec. Sorry, forgot to take my camera out of the boot of the car, just have now.

See, this last weekend just gone we went to the Bristol International Balloon Discovery Channel Sponsored Ballon (did we mention the Discovery Channel yet?) Fiesta (of hugely expensive car parking).

See, I got my whinging into that paragraph, and now I can talk about the event which was very cool. Well, it was pretty damned hot, actually, but the free samples of drinks, and cereal, and cream, that kept our temperature down. Or mine, at any rate. That and me pinching some of Trey’s water, and the Lolly she bought me :-)

At any rate, it all turned out good – and after a rather quiet period of sitting around the multi-balloon launch turned out to be fabulously beautiful. All these multicoloured balloons filling the sky. Photos to come, hopefully.

And this weekend we’re off to Cambridge to see Trey’s mommy, and her sister, and hey… y’know what? It’s the pink picnic this weekend too. Isn’t that handy :-)

Anyway, in other news, I’ve nearly finished one chair – just a couple of coats of varnish to go, the table legs aren’t even started. The bike’s not welded yet. I’ve still not bought the gas, wire or uh, metal :-/

Which could prove to be a bit of a bugger, nor’ve I heard from the bloke-with-other-MZ that I’m meant to be collecting. And some pratty little technerds have cracked (or more likely scriptkiddied) the MMOC forum. Bah. How am I meant to contact him now? Still, he’s probably not back from holiday yet.

What else… before I go cook curry? Ah sod it, I think I’ll go cook curry….


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