Why am I writing a post?

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I’m tired, I guess. I have no particular idea why; I got up a bit later than usual and went swimming, I did swim more continuously than usual and I also did almost no backstrokey swimming – lots of front crawl and butterfly – and a bit of the old underwater doobry.

And then, it a shock move, my friend rang. I kinda didn’t expect her to – given that it’s a year and a half since we’ve seen each other and, well, I was suspecting that this was a ‘nice’ way of saying ‘no, bugger off’ – but hey, today we got together for a afternoon’s chill out and chat; which was, to use an awful word – really nice. No, seriously, it was. It was good just to sit and chat to someone who’s not a member of my ‘group of friends’ kinda thing.

Yeah, then I had a bunch of phonecalls, I think I’ve had more phonecalls today than I normally get in a week! And finally I dealt with my University’s usual level of competence; they’ve sent me something which needs to be returned by the 19th of August – and it’s arrived today – with a second class pre-paid envelope. Handily I’m going past the uni tomorrow morning, so I’ll drop it in by hand.

Anyway. I’ve started (heh) reading the EU requirement papers for the Child pack – which I’m hoping to get finished by the end of the week, or early next week. Then on to Mental Health, and finally Maternity. The fun never ends around here, does it. Ne’r mind.

Anyway, I think I’m going to have an early dinner, ‘cos I’m hungry…


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