Oh, ha ha.

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So I was very good at the training day, I spoke to [Sarah] , without prompting. Aren’t I good? I’m slowly getting better at the not-at-work assertiveness; which is cool. I can be very assertive with people I don’t know, and at work, but if I’m ‘trying’ to make friends it all goes a bit odd. So anyway, I’m pleased with myself and currently think I’m fab.

I also spent last night playing with a PS2.

Not, you understand, playing a game on a playstation 2. Oh no. No, this was ‘trying to make it work’. I mentioned that I scrounged a defunked ps2 off John, now he’s got the shiny new slim PS2. Well, having taken it to bits (and I do mean to bits) we discovered that at some point in the past someone’d made a *complete hash* of fitting a mod kit. It was bizzare, I mean they’d managed to get the ends of the wires soldered on not tidily, but not appaulingly. They had, of course, managed to leave great stretches of uninsulated wire around…. and they’d obviously decided it didn’t work, and cut the wires…. And then ‘insulated’ them with sellotape.

So, there was a general mass of messy sellotape everywhere inside the case and a bunch of wires. These were removed, tracks checked, ps2 put together, John invited round, and uh, no. Nada. Exactly the same (no disk read error, just behaves like there’s no disk). So, strip it down again intending to do the ‘adjust laser output’ and just as we get to that stage I twig that pilchard head who fitted the mod tore a ribbon cable; specifically the one that supplies the laser.

Which makes it unlikely to lase. Or emit, I suppose :-)

Anyway, I uh, grovelled, stripped out the laser mech and hopefully John can put some nice, small wire on there and when we pop it in it might actually work :-)

Which’d rock more than uh, err, LiveAid on a rowing boat.

Anyway, that was my yesterday. Today was fine, training day as I said, after which I hopped on Claire and headed out. Only as I started I thought “hrm, a bit overloud”. As I carried on the idle got a bit erratic and I thought “definately overloud”. Checked and yes, very funny…. the exhaust retaining nut had worked loose. It’s held in place at both ends so it’d not *gone* anywhere… but the exhaust was leaking like a sieve. It was then I realised my C-Spanner was at home in the garage; still, I managed to get it tight enough to seal and headed home where I (good that I am) not only tightend it properly & stuck the C-Spanner in the top box but also checked all the lights and cleaned off the the headlamp and indicators. Good, in’t I?

Then I came home to find that Trey had made me some new LJ icons. Which rock! She’s soooo cool :-) Meh, miss her.


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