Making out like a bandit….

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Well, not exactly, but still… 20 quid, 2 DVDs (well a double disk set) in exchange for 5 dvds, a video and 5 bags of books.

Actually. I made 20 quid out of the books, then gave the rest to the Amnesty shop (thus satisfying my need to do good and making me cash); but disposing of the DVDs was a bit harder. Most places that say “WE BUY DVD’S AND VIDEO’S” (sic), are, apparently, not buying DVDs right this this instant, like today, at all. Which is a shame ‘cos the place had quite a few DVDs I actually faniced.

Wheras Blockbuster offered me actual cash money (or value towards a trade), and they’d take the whole damn lot off my hands. Which was cool, and I got Red Dwarf Series I on DVD. Which means I can get rid of a bunch of home videos :-)

I fear it’ll probably be the hideous remastered version of Red Dwarf; but still…. Better the space :-)

Oh, and I got the two bolts that secure the rear seat. Well, I got two bolts that fit the rear seat, thus no more rear seat flying forwards when I brake. It’s kinda odd :-)


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