Tired beyond belief

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So, I’ve been making some big changes to my lifestyle of late. I’ve taken back up jogging, I’ve been rowing again (400 strokes yesterday, 500 strokes today!), I seem to be heading towards being demi-hemi-vegitarian (my girlfriend is veggie, and so I’m just buying more veggie food…. and not really buying any meat. In fact, I’m just using up the last bits of meat in the freezer….). I’ve even tried a new supermarket….

Those of you who know me know I’ve got as much brand loyalty as George Bush has compassion for Lesbians, so me trying a ‘new’ supermarket is hardly wildly suprising; however I;ve always had a really low opinion of Morrisons, since well, the only encounters I had with them were the crap my ex-flatmate used to bring back to Uni from his frozen-wasteland-based-home. Aaaaanyway, I actually went there with the gf, and yeah, it looked okay, and cheap….

…and so, yeah, I’ve eaten my words, and bought Morrisons food.

Of course, it is a bit sad when your ‘posh’ shopping is done at Morrisons (to compare with the essentials stuff which is done at Lidl!).

Yeah, so, I’ve been doing actual work towards my degree, I’ve been staying after hours at uni, and going in early, I’ve been editing videos together (see other post)(which I’m enjoying a lot, and sod the rest of you ;-)

This is all part of a sea-change in my lifestyle. I want to sort my life out, it’s got to be too much of a state recently. There’s not ever been enough work done by me towards what I want, there’s been an awful lot wasted, and I’ve not taken remotely decent care of my body. It’s time for things to change, and change they are.

Of course, how long the jogging/rowing lasts….that’s a matter that only time can tell. I’ll probably keep updating everyone about it, ‘cos that way I’ll feel compelled to actually do it….

Oh, and the L word, it’s cool isn’t it! Really enjoying that series :-)


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