Down down down

Yeah, for whatever reason I’ve been on a bit of a downer today. Reaching it’s peak about 4pm when I was just laying doing nothing staring at the ceiling. Which sounds worse than it was; just couldn’t get the enthusiasm for anything. Work, not work, watching TV, listening to music. Everything kinda left me completely cold and without any feeling of enthusiasm. In the end I did the “clearing the book shelves of junk”. Unbelievably I’ve got 5 bags of books to go; and there’s another 6 *boxes* of books at my parents! 6 Boxes! I’ll save you the trouble, “Bloody hell Kate”….

Anyway, was pissed off at myself at failing to do any work, pissed off at myself for doing a whole big bunch of nothing with my day after such an enthusiastic start. I think writing the complaint to Charlie Ware’s about the work on my car was probably part of it. Realising that either a mistake / omission 2 years ago has lead my car to deteriorate incredibly rapidly, well, it’s really distressing. I’ve had Rebecca a long, long time – and really struggle to keep on top of everything in the preventative maintainance department. To find that I’ve been looking in the wrong place….. well… Oh that makes me feel shitty.

But I guess it’s the being alone that’s really getting to me, during the days, the whole not seeing anyone (I’ve done this whole thing before I know). It just drags me down, I really need people.

Anyway, going to go and post this complaint…. :-(


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2 thoughts on “Down down down

  1. I bought ‘rocinante’ from Charlie Ware some years back. It had been semi restored and some of the work wasn’t up to scratch and some was just plain poor. They fixed it all eventually, at no cost, other than several 150+ mile runs on my part to and from their premises. So it’s worth pursuing your complaint. Perhaps speak to Tim Brennan if he is still there. He always struck me as a reasonable bloke.

  2. Tim’s the guy the letter’s addressed to. He’s been the person who I’ve dealt with most of the times I’ve been there, and was the guy who did all the dealing with me during the restoration….

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