4th Oct 2000, 1655

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Well, I’m being prolific this month aren’t I!

Anyway, pre me actually developing talent, and ‘cos I’ve been saying I’d do various things for ages….first of all, and I’ve been having some problems with this, so this is the current development version….


Since Dr P seems to be the choice of the TS youth (not all I’ll grant but an oddly high percentage compared to the non-ts people I know)….Anyway, yes, so there’s the ad, which I quite like (and we pray we don’t get our arses sued off for this <g>). By the way, the fullsize image is 288K

Next up is some programming….yes. I’ve actually done some. Not much I’ll grant – but I may make available my fine coding to the masses. But I must add the quit on close window code before I do so! I was going to upload it (infact I have) but I’m not going to link to it ‘cos I realised I’d forgotten to add that…and a ‘lil text file to say which of the classes to run!

Anyway, I’m off to do not much, and maybe add that code…

I will learn java. I may have missed the deadline for producing this code by a bit, but it was only 1 hour to add the stuff and get it working – and being as I’d not coded for a month, and the only thing I’d coded for before then was this program I’m fairly happy :)


PS. Here’s the program….anagram.tar.gz….it’s really funky, really it is….


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