3rd Oct 2000, 2015

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Well, as the traditional “please connect at some point tonight” battle begins, how’s my day been? Well, as I said I troddled off to see Nikki today, and (despite her vommish behaviour with her SO (Zoe) ;-) I had an excellent time….

Those behavioral issues aside, and the rather unfortunate Anime incident anyway <g> – actually, the most unfortunate thing about the evil one, sorry, Nikki, forcing me to watch “Oh my Goddess!” was that I’m actually rather keen on this one and may be forced to watch more of it….grrr….

Anyway, that I feel has managed to get me back to levels of “argh!ness” I can cope with…..for a while. Although I’m intrigued to know what the people in Safeway giving out biscuits thought….the actual biscuit-giver-outer gave a bit of an odd look, and the weather on the way back was pretty awful. Didn’t quite reach the levels of my least favourite experience (driving back from work – crested a hill on the M4 only to discover the wind had lifted the car, removed all grip and I was going distinctly rightwards….).

Sorry, being disjointed….well, not literally….Erm, yes. What I was going to say was that I was glad to finally see Nikki smiling. I’ve not seen a great deal of it, and I hope that I’ll see rather more from now on….

So, good luck to Nikki with all that goeth on…

And that’s about it….not feeling terribly cerebral today so….

Addendum, 2027

(Still haven’t managed to connect, grr).

Anyway, I was thinking about what’s made me think more about relationships recently, and there’s a few things (that was going to be a number, but I realised I’d probably end up turning into Monty Python (“There’s Two things that made me think about relationships, X, Y and Z…..Three things, The three things that…..”)).

Anyway, yes, One was obviously the Zoe/Nikki thing – where I was just reminded of the absense of a partner….

But before that, oh yes, someone – infact several people mentioned that the drugs I’m on (their words:) “Make you horny”. Now I don’t know I’d go as far as horny (!), but they have distinctly put thoughts in my mind that weren’t there before….although the other thing they appear to have done is given me my dreams back…

From the fact that people say I sometimes talk in my sleep I presume that I used to dream – but could never remember them at all; now I can sometimes remember them when I wake up – which is cool – it also says some interesting things are going on my psychie….

On a totally unrelated note, to those of us with modem connections – does anyone else go “urk” when they change modem connection – cos the dial sounds wrong? (“Eeek, it’s meant to go up there, not down….”)

Okay, so I’m sad….

What else was there, well, in a blatant advert for another writer I respect I started reading the Tuck stories again. Now this is one of the few series I got into pre-everything. I read this avidly, having stumbled across it on “Fictionmania” back when I actually read fictionmania. Actually, if I’m honest I used to devour the stuff – hoping for the odd realistic story – of which there were a few….

Most of them didn’t really appeal – but there were a few good ones. Unfortunately I never sorted the “good” ones out – but I do still have all the ones I downloaded (except those where I went “Urgh” which tended to get deleted. Those which were crap were just not read again….) on backup disks….

Anyway, yes Ellen Hayes’ Tuck stories still remain as one of the few stories which kept me still, reading, so long that I actually went numb….(others in this catagory: James’ Angels and Vampires story (Sorry, I can’t remember what it is called – but it’s in the dark library) and Ben Elton’s Gridlock – which I red from end to end in one day – not putting it down from the moment I got it to the moment I finished it….).

Anyway, enough advertising….

Actually, I thought I might get a bit more exposure </innuendo> and add myself to a diary writers webring…..

Mmmmm…well, we’ll see…


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