2nd Oct 2000, 1734

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There are several problems, many of which are Java related, and the other ones are “being stuck at home” related. First of all, I’m trying to learn Java…the fact that I’ve not done anything for a month makes it hard enough, but the first problem is being at home. Over the period of time from when I start reading/trying to program I slowly get more and more infuriated by the complete lack of space. I have no deskspace, so I end up stretched between the chair and the bed with books and keyboard on my legs (this incidentally also makes my legs hurt which is hardly a mood enhancer).

Anyway. So, I find some stuff I want to use – I then have to turn to use the mouse, and after a very short period of time I’m screaming in anguish as I’ve dropped a book – or lost the page, again, and I can’t have the book near me when I’m typing which makes referring to it very difficult.

The amount of deskspace available – if it were avilable is roughly the width of a keyboard plus the thinnest width of a mousemat. Infact it’s 2’1 and a bit inches…and front to back? 1’11”.

Unfortunately in that space are two keyboards, a scanner, two mice a desk lamp and my penholder. None of which can live anywhere else. I can’t actually put my feet under the desk, becuase there are two PC’s under there.

Being at home also means a complete lack of privacy. My mother insists on coming in and staring at the computer and attempting to read what I’m doing (well, what she gets is a minimised-windowed, plain desktop). If I complain about privacy then she makes some irritating comment before wandering off, making as much noise as possible….

This is it must be said, infuriating. And it’s driving me nuts (I’ve been at home, what 3 days?). And since she’s not working anymore she’s here all the bloody time.

So, the working environment isn’t exactly condusive to success, but then there’s Java. Java with it’s shit documentation, the “oh so helpful” Bad Magic Number error message, which they conveniently don’t actually explain, except in the context of Applets, which this is not. And you see, having got thoroughly pissed off with everything (thanks to being at home, lack of space, etc). I’m really not in the mood to try and find what’s wrong.

I think I’ll give up for now and come back to it later, or on wednesday, as I’m off out tomorrow to see Nikki.



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