8th Sept 2000, 12:59

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It’s amazing what a difference a day can make…. I don’t actually feel more cheerful than I did yesterday. I suspect that’s being stuck in the house and not having a job. But I’m feeling a little tiny bit more convinced of my abilities with Linux, having fixed this setup which I managed to reduce to it’s knees. Well, beyond that. It was dead. Like a dodo.

Well, anyway, yes. So that’s made me feel like I might, eventually, manage to get the hang of linux. Since I didn’t end up wiping and reinstalling the lot….

KDE2 is now working too (well, KDE1.93) which is funky. Actually it’s dead nice, but it really does expose the poor performance of the Virge. Esp if you want to do really pointless things (eg the graduated background. That was nice unless I moved a window!). Anyway, yes. So I’m rather fond of it. It’s also the first Linux window manager which is bareable speed, looks reasonable and isn’t enlightenment which I’ve seen <g>

See, I’m grinning. I must be feeling better. Tbh, I really don’t think I’m coping very well with work….but that’s over in a few weeks.

Anyway, ‘spose I should have a hack at this CD-Writer. See if I can’t make it work…..



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