14th Sept 2000, 0015

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Yes, I really should be in bed….

Just had some thoughts tho, as I completed my evening ablutions I caught sight of myself in the mirror, and I thought I looked female. But the instant I actually looked I saw male….

I thought about this and maybe I do look a bit female. Maybe.

The principle I’m working on here is that I don’t look quite the way I’m used to looking. I don’t look female in my own opinion, but I know I look a little tiny bit different. Now perhaps my brain, before I looked properly processed this as being a different person, who was maybe andro-female looking and so I thought oooh, female. But when I actually looked the fully concious bit of my brain which does the processing of images went, ah, that’s you, and your body is male….

Of course. A more probable idea is that I’m decieving myself to make myself feel better….I dunno….some days I think I look a bit female. Other days I don’t…at all….

Anyway, ohh, nearly forgot, added a link to Nikki’s Site…and yes..I think that’s about it….


PS. The name thing is still cool :)


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