2nd Sept 2000, 12:59

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Well, interesting, interesting….here I sit in Linux….with Java segfaulting if I try and use it…..but much greater stability. A mail program which feels rather short on features compared to pegasus – but then I really did like pegasus, a broken version of ICQ (I need to change it for a new one, but that’d mean going through all the people again….argh!)….

However I actually have some faith in my OS which is a bit of a change…

Anyway, so how’s things been? Well, as you might have guessed I got peed of with Windows (it crashed and locked up playing a DVD)….and installed Linux, then reinstalled windows, then put the Lilo boot sector back….So things in Linux aren’t going too appaulingly!

On the job front, well, I’ve resigned, got no new job to go to, but stuff that….I can’t cope with being ill all the time (I’m going to loose quite enough weight as it is with being ill…..) I haven’t quite decided on the date for my transition….but it’ll be ‘fore the end of the month :)

So…yes, soon I get to be Me. Oddly transition doesn’t scare me, what does scare me is that transition doesn’t. I find it un-nerving that I’m not scared. I’m scared about disasters occuring at work during these last few weeks, I’m scared about how I’m going to get a job….

I’m nervous because I’ve had no electrolysis or laser (I can’t have laser – except maybe in late winter – when my skintone’s lightest)….But the actual transition stuff, it doesn’t bother me….at the moment!

Oh, yes, my webcam is out of action while I’m in linux methinks….as the USB quickcam doesn’t appear to be supported by linux (atm)…..if (for whatever reason, eg. I can’t get Java to work) I’m in windows I may stick it on…

Oh, and finally, I saw kira’s monitor, and her graphics card (or at least it’s output) – and to put simply: I Want!!! It’s made mine feel unbearably crap – I mean I knew that it was awful – but this has taken it to a whole new level of awful. Argh….



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