27th Sept 2000, 1842

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Well, I didn’t really feel up to work today…not at all. Since I was still tearful although I wasn’t out and out crying. I’m more and more convinced this is Hormonal. Oh well…

Anyway, I had a mildly productive day. I reinstalled linux 3 times on Noachis-Terra and that last time, just as my patience ran out it all worked! Printer, network card, graphics card….


And lo, I did play some MP3’s, and lo I did find that you need the newer version of the kernel for the Avance Logic soundcard….as it suffers the same fate as the Cirrus Logic one in here….

Oh well, it was intended mainly as a printserver although it’s chronically slow at printing too!

Overall I think it beats my K6-2 400 to boot tho’ ‘cos the SCSI card in the K6-2 takes a while to reset and check for drives….and also I use kde2 <g>….

Anyway, yes. I’m feeling a lot more human today. Not happy, no-where near happy…but, well, better.

I just felt I ought to pass that on….

I really ought to do some java, but I’m just feeling shitey….so….



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