23rd Sept 2000, 1900

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Well, I thought I ought to write something up on the interview that I had on Friday. Unfortuantely there’s a problem with that…..which is….I have no idea how I did. Normally when I come out of an interview I can say “that went well”, or “that went crap”. It’s normally wildly inaccurate, but at least I have some idea I can feel good or bad about.

In this case I didn’t get a “good/bad” feeling about it at all. Nothing. Not a sausage. I came out of it thinking – “I have no idea how that went”. And apart from thinking in passing “Well, if it didn’t feel like it went well it must have gone badly”…but I’ve suppressed that, because I don’t want to feel cruddy without reason!

On the plus side I’ve got a 90% happy SuSE system sat here….what’s the 10%? Well it’s not recognising all it’s ram, altough that might be fixed next time I reboot (which will be after I log off tonight)…..and the other one is it doesn’t appear to have bothered with stuff to read MSDos floppies. Which is a bit of a pain. And it wants the kernel recompiled to do so (apparently)….*mutter*

Yes. So. That’s not so good.

Ah well….On the plus side I’ve got Fifth Element, The Truman Show (DVD’s) and Annwyn beneath the Waves (CD) which are all cool…I also got my car insured as myself; and yes….that was cool :)

So, yes. That’s my state of play….I also popped back to my freinds in Bristol, and I’m really beginning to feel that people do maybe, possibly, actually like me. Which is a really, really nice feeling!

It’s cool. Because they actually know me. Which is different from people “liking” the “other” me…..this is not to discount my friends from Uni which I’m scared of doing – it’s just cool to know that I – myself, not the watered down masculinised version of me – is vaguely likeable :-)

Anyway. So that’s really doing good things for my mood….

Right…methinks that’ll do…




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