20th Sept 2000, 2146

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Well, with my usual high efficency I’m writing a diary entry…..for what I did at the weekend…..!

Well, I wandered off to see some friends (ha, petrol crisis? what petrol crisis?) down in the Bristol area…and had a thouroughly relaxing time…I also took my main computer down, for a bit of expert advice and repair….Unfortunately things did not go entirely to plan…due to a dodgy network card…

Apart from the computer related things I /finally/ got around to watching Fifth Element….and now want it on DVD, and also, yes there’s more, sat around and chatted generally…. :)

So, I’ve currently got a commandline version of Linux on here….

Although that might change soon…..just need to not be busy for a bit…..What else have I done, erm, yes…something…oh yes, ordered a new CD-Writer, well, new is possibly not a strictly accurate term, but it’s essentially new….

Of course having done this my CD-Writer has decided to work…although it still made some distinctly unpleasant noises…..

Never mind, it needed to work because, well, I’ve got an interview on Friday, so wish me luck folks! Anyway, yes, I needed some examples of my work….why is it I only realise how untidy some of it is when I do the portfolio….

Like The Gallery which really, really needs to be tidied up….and so on…

Anyway, I got the disk done, despite actually reaching the point of swearing at both Windows (which kept crashing when trying to copy from a CD-RW) and RISC OS where Zap decided to have a day of crashing, as did Studio24….since I was a big ball of stress as today was the first day that my CD-Writer has come on in “working” mode….and it had actually recognised the CD-R….so I was trying to get a ISO image created for a portfolio of my work before it overheated….and having machines crashing left right and indeed centre did not do much for my mood….

Anyway, it got done eventually, using the wonders of FTP and the magic of 10baseT cable….

Anyway, I’m knackered now, so I’m probably going to go to bed….

G’night folks…



PS. The name thing is still cool :)


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