25th Sept 2000, 1607

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**Typed up from hand written notes….made at work!**

Some days I just don’t have time for idiots! This is one of the reasons I don’t think my optimal job position is “support”!

Anyway, what’s been going on to bring me to this conclusion? Indeed that’s been going on generally? Well – as I said I’ve just had a job interview (friday) and a bit of interest on the job front today – particularly it seems on the sys-admin side – which is good news for me…..as being without a job for any great period of time could only be bad…!

So, getting these phone calls is doing my ego some good….even if it is sometimes “a little difficult” answering questions at work.

Anyway, on Sunday I had the pleasure of James’s company <g>. It’d been a while, or at least 2 weeks since I’d seen him – and we spent a (in my mind) enjoyable afternoon/evening wasting time and money (I was feeling a bit down (not very, but a bit) and decided that I’d stop the decline). Anyway – I finally got around to getting some Tangerine Dream (Le Parc), some Sleater-Kinney (Donna, I blame you whole heartedly for that one!<g>) and…thanks to @jakarta’s habit of mispricing goods when I go in there, a copy of Ghostbusters on DVD (for a mere 10UKP….much to the annoyance of the shop assistant who it would appear purchased it last week for 20UKP).

Anyway, our (James and mine) usual meander around Reading actually reveiled something nice! Yes! Seriously! We “found” (although I suspect that it would infact have been possible to merely ask someone had we known about it) a ruined abbey….right near the city centre….and, and – it might be suitable for some interesting photographs….

And, yes, there’s more….More I tell you! Yes….there’s a park. A really nice little park! And again, there’s some definate photo opportunity there….It must be said that this is the first time I’d seen it and I was impressed!

Anyway – and I was actually feeling quite creative yesterday which was kinda odd – as I’ve been well, so…..bored – to be honest that I’d not even remotely felt the urge to do anything. Unfortunately after a day of wandering around I felt so totally shattered that I just flaked out (more or less) when I got back….

One thing that happened on Sunday did make me wimper. Oh yes. I nearly screamed in pain….a person in Dixons (not a member of staff):

“Well, this one will definately be compatible, because we’ve got an HP computer at home”

No you haven’t. Not if I get my hands on it. You are clearly too stupid to own a computer and make purchasing decisions. It’s not that I object to people without knowledge of computers. It’s not like I’m the be-all and end all of information on the subject – but….at least I try and find out more. I don’t just make rash assumptions based on, well, a logo.

One thing I do wonder at this point is…if they break their keyboard (this person and his partner) – will they ring up HP or will their illusion be shattered by the fact that someone will sell them a generic keyboard…?

Never mind….

So, anyway, for whatever reason I came in today in a fairly good mood, but for some reason I’m just totally unable to tolerate idiots today…

Having to explain about the Resource Limit in windows to a “user” I could cope with – having to explain it to my boss? That’s just not right! (Won’t sticking more ram in help? No..no it won’t).

This followed rapidly by “lack of initative” by Chris….Okay, now he doesn’t have my knowledge or practical experience, but this one, this one he should have at least tried known solutions to rather than ring me up, and…what’s more ringing me on the “other” phone (i.e. the one in the server room) becuase the phone in our office was engaged. How am I meant to answer it if I’m on the phone?? >/rant<

I was soooo tempted just to shout “Use some initiative” – I mean, what is he going to do when I’m not there to answer the questions?

Never mind, perhaps it’s just me being a big spikey stress ball…or maybe I’m getting PMT. Hmmm, this is a thought which has only just occured to me (litterally as I write!)

Well that’s something to ponder….

Anyway I should get the letter to Brian written, since it’s been waiting for months….and….well…

What I need, what I really need is a laptop with a modem, so I can update from whereever I am….(okay laptop, modem, and modem which connects to evil-ultra-cr*p-mobile-phone).

I also need a whopping great payrise….

Anyway, I said I’d stop. So I will…


Yup; still cool.


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