10th Sept 2000, 12:59

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Tired. Yes. Very, very tired. I’ve tidied my room….it took seven, count them seven hours!. I’m absolutely shattered! But…but…you can see the floor!

Although the camera bag, filing box etc are occupying floor space…but never mind…Actually, I’ve just seen somewhere for the filing box to go!

Anyway, what prompted this? Well, I woke up this morning and decided to be a bit more positive about things. Or at least try. I mean, there is a hint that I’m not as awful a person as I think. At least other people seem to believe this…so maybe I’m not. And then there’s the fact that I actually seem to be coping with Linux – not by any means feeling totally comfortable, and there’s so much left to learn. But at least my system seems to be working! (Although despite the fact there’ve been definate suggestions that it should work Java still simply segfaults when I try and use it…)

So, maybe I’m not so bad, and not so useless….

And I know I’m capable enough to do lots of jobs, just need a bit of luck to get one…soon! I just need to hold onto this faith in it all coming together….which maybe it will this time…

Probably it will, just ‘cos I’ve spent seven hours tidying. It’d be very me to have to move having just tidied (not that I’m saying I don’t want to move! God no, get me a place asap!)

And on a totally other subject, a big Hi to Donna who linked to me (and to Tam! :-)



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