21st Aug 2000, 12:40 (written on the PC!)

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Well, I thought I really, really ought to update my site since it appears people not only read it, but also actually care about me, which is kinda nice :)

So, thanks to all the people who either rang, wrote or got to me in some other way to say that I’m not as awful as I think I am….it appears people like me! Wow! Seriously, thanks to everyone….

But; what am I doing at home on a week day when I should be working? Well, as I said the idea of work makes me physically sick, so I’m going to see my doctor tomorrow and see about getting some time off….probably with the intention of resigning. As people keep saying to me, your health is more important than money – but I need the job a little longer because otherwise there’ll be no car insurance paid which can only be a bad thing….

Otoh, if I don’t spend any money then technically I could quit now and just about afford it. I couldn’t eat, but I’d at least be able to go places…well, actually that’d take petrol….which is a little pricey.

So, what am I going to do? Well. It’s clear that I can’t carry on working where I am, and the Java is showing faint signs of becoming understandable and sticking in my head which is a Good Thingtm….so, maybe, just maybe things’ll turn out okay. At the moment I’m drawing on the fact other people believe I can do it to give myself the will to carry on because I don’t have that much faith in myself. Infact, tbh I have none. But, hell, people seem to think I can do it – so I’ll have to see if they’re right.

Anyway. I’m off to do a wee-bit more Java (having uploaded this….)

(The slighly more sane than at the weekend variant ;)


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