15 Aug 2000, 20:59.28.

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Windows Media Player 7 – Bringing yet more instability to your world.

I wonder if that’s the undisplayed tagline? Why? Becuase my Windows system is now less stable than a dog on wet lino, and…..I must say I’m impressed with WMP7. Not only does it look crap, and crash if I get disconnected from a stream, but…..wait for it, it’s also broken my Winamp install, and all the sound system stuff so that it’s the /only/ player I’ve got that works atm.

Now, if Win98 hadn’t been such an abject failure in every way then I miight have given it another chance. But that’s it. No more. When I get time this becomes a linux box…

Anyway, what’ve I been up to then? Well….On saturdat morning I wandered into London to change my camera and show James the shops in which you get to drool over carious bits of computer/electronic equipment. We also had a little wander into a computer show show where I nearly bought some dubious memory at a dubious price….I also feel that I have to show of the recipt for the ticket since the bloke at the Underground Station seemed at pains to point it out to me….so here it is….just check out the bottom line – cool innit :-)

Afterwards we wandered out to [CENSORED] to meet up with some of my university friends (Hope, Paul, and Cassie (James arrived with me))…..It was nice to relax and chat to people….

Although a little odd being as I last saw some of these people ages and ages ago….

Afterwards I dropped in on Kira to hand over the bottle of wine which was promised, a mere month and a half ago…..Efficency at it’s best ;-)

She foolishly invited me (and James who was being given a lift back) in….and, um, well, we stayed….until 8o’clock….which was cool, although James was outteched….and sat down saying “I must learn stuff”….which I found rather too amusing….

Anyway, I’m meant to be learning Java, but I’m far too much of a people person and am thus suffering from lack of people….hence I’m off to Kira’s tomorrow…. :)

Right, time for me to do something….



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