11 Aug 2000, 20:24.38.

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Right, well, the award for complete idiocy goes to Ms Kate Elliott, who having written a complete copy of “in my brain” for today sent it to herself, deleted the original at work, came home said “save” didn’t check it had, and deleted that version too….

Fortunately the picture of Habib made it, which is important for reasons which will become apparent later….

Anyway, today’s not been too bad (apart from that incident with the deleting e-mails)….I actually did a couple of odd jobs at work today, and spent an inordinately long time on the phone to RM about various minor problems…

But that’s not why I’m in a good mood. I’m in a good mood because I yet again have a social life this weekend….and I have a week off to learn Java….so no “male mode” or at least no “listen to sexist remarks and pretend that they don’t bug me mode”….

So I’m chilling….despite being dragged out of bed at 7:30 by the postie for a registered delivery (it was a Herbie DVD :) and despite being called sir today (okay; I’m meant to look male at work but I don’t need it rubbed in)….

Anyway, yes, what’s with the Habib picture? Well, Kira and Rachie keep claiming I’m sweet, and cute….and sexy! Ha! Anyway, after a variety of these comments Kira said that I look like Constable Habib from the Thin Blue Line…..now for your edification (if you’re not knowledgeable on the characters from said TV series here is a page with a (rather grotty) picture of Habib and Myself…..as you can see, they’re not similar at all….

However, I’m not complaining, if people find me sexy….cute I also quite like (although I reserve the right to defend my lack of cuteness)….but I refuse to accept “sweet”.

However I may have to think Kira, Maria, Jenny and Rachie for their help getting PPP to work on the Linux box…. I’ll be testing it later tonight…. so we’ll see….

Yes…anyway, I thought I’d say what happened on monday….yes…

Well, after my RR appointment I went out for a cup of coffee and a Danish while I waited for Lisa and Jamie, now, perhaps this is a good point to mention my new cool top which proclaims “Rude When Nude” (and it’s purple, how cool is that???). Anyway this van pulls up to the traffic lights, and aparently I pass more than I believe in that they, um, suggested that I should prove the comment on my teeshirt. And,,,,,um, yeah.

The thing about it is at one level I was thinking “humph, no respect for women” – and at another I was thinking “Cooool :)”.

So…um. yeah.

anyway, I think it’s time I went for a shower….and changed my sheets….and sorted out what I’m taking tomorrow….




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