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[Ed]: this is essentially a rant after a really, really bad day….my appologies to SuSE, but not to RHA….

Excuse me, Arrrrrgggggghhhhh!

I hate “Red Hot Ant” and I hate “SuSE Linux” at the moment. Why? Well, Red Hot Ant have continued to “maintain” their level of service; this amounts to me having to retry connections about 40 or more times most days. This, as you can guess is quite irritating. Infact it’s bloody infuriating; especially when I’m in the middle of a conversation, I get cut off by a 3 hour disconnect, and then have to wait upwards of half an hour for another connection .

Why do I hate linux atm? Becase it’s fated (like many things in my life) to be a disaster. We’ll have the summary of disasters: Having got my P75 server I required a case etc, so I ordered one. It went to the wrong address; 2 times (incidentally it was the same wrong address). Having got them I trundled off to purchase a hard disk, not being able to afford a new one I bought a second hand IDE one online which was descibed as having “no faults”.

This was a highly innacurate description, for although I payed for a 4 gig drive I got a 6 gig drive which sounds like a lawnmower and has 2 gig in bad sectors.

Finally, I got the machine together. Installed linux. The modem didn’t work. I get a replacement modem, which does work…..

And so we’re here. With a partially configured machine, which, and I’ll be honest is completly useless. I can’t persuade it (when it does connect) to add the alledged gateway from Red Hot Ant to the routing table, mostly initally because their “default gateway” doesn’t actually (excuse me) f*cking exist. Hours I spent cursing linux, my modem, my inneptitude. Wondering where on earth I was going wrong – and infact it was that the IP address they give is incorrect.

So, having logged on using my windows machine I managed to get the gateway info (or at least I thought I did), however, when I try to add this gateway on the Linux machine it simply stops. It doesn’t crash as such – in that the infamous [Ctrl]+[c] kills the program “route” command but it doesn’t add it.

That added to the fact that there’s about a million other things to setup (like getting it to redial automatically, because the chances of getting a first time connect to Red Hot Ant are smaller than the chances of a meteor falling on your head), and the fact my modem has a “Blacklist” function which currently requires it to be reset (as in switched off and back on) after 20 attempts makes me want to scream.

I would love to switch over to Linux, but since every piece of documentation I have contradicts something else, or contradicts cold hard fact (such as “the file is located at /etc/…” when it blatantly isn’t, and “the file will look like the example below”; no it won’t). At the moment it seems Linux does not want me – despite the fact that whatever I say I love linux.

Anyway. next up, what has been going on in my life (now I’ve got that out of the way!)…well, I had my second appointment with Russell Reid, which went okay, I changed my hormone regime rather drastically, but hopefully it should be slightly healthier and more effective….

I also spent an inordinately large amount of time shopping :)

Lots of fun…then I fell apart on Monday night at the idea of going back to work…and seriously considered quitting – just because I find presenting as male for work really, really hard. Especially when my boss starts commenting on other women….


/me dissapears.

/me uses IRC to much ;-)



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