30 Jul 2000, 21:03.38.

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Well, please excuse me if the grammar is a little off and the whole of this days “in my brain” doesn’t really flow right. That’s because I’ve just got back from CCDE and I’ve been hit by a wave of tiredness somewhat like the efect of the pan-galactic-gargleblaster (i.e. Slice of Lemon – wrapped around a large gold brick).

Anyway, yes. So,….what happened? What’s the goss? Well, Basically, Nikki and I flew up there in Nina on Friday Morn….Getting there around 3 in the afternoon – after an (almost *cough* Nikki ;-) perfect drive…..

Having got there we pitched our tent and went in search of anyone we knew….and having found them had do takedown and re-erect the tent somewhere else….however with the help of Martin and Zoe the move was swift and fairly painless :)

Anyway, so I just had a really enjoyable time, apart from being quoted far too much, being told that I still sound like Eddie Izzard, and being tickled (although not as much as I feared). I also spent too much money….(/me has a print of Errol, and a statue thing of Errol, 2 tee-shirts, and another Diskworld book…..

It was really, really good to finally meet various people I’ve been talking to, particularly Kim and Zoe, and Zoe and Martin – That’s not to discount anyone else, but those were the people who I’ve either been closest to or have encountered most. Meeting Dell and Andrea was also cool. Infact sod it; meeting everyone was cool :)

And I’ve used the word “Cool” too much in that paragraph.

Anyway, one thing I did realise is that my social skills are still crap, and I’m still awfully shy. It’s bizarre; on channel I’ll bounce up to people, hug them and whatever. But when I meet them in real life I can barely string to words together to form a coherent sentance :(

Also seeing Kim/Zoe made me feel dreadful in that they clearly pass whatever, as far as I can see, and it made me think back to my late teens (16/17) when I could also pass completely. Whatever happened. And now I can’t….well, maybe I’ll be able to one day……..

Anyway. I’m shattered so I’m obviously going to…..go online, upload this….and chat for a bit :)




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