08 Jun 2000, 19:46.20

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Well, sometimes I fear that I use computers too much…..there I was grabbing some desert…and I went for the spoon….unfortunately my dad’s doing some decorating and the spoon wasn’t in the draw, infact the draw wasn’t there….

Now I located the spoon after mere seconds of looking – but as I munched on my apple pie I entertained myself with considering my spoon locating problem in terms of arrays, variables and some error messages that could have been returned had I not been better written…..

Okay, now I feel really sad. Perhaps I should delete that last bit…… ;-)

Yes, so, anyway this is just a kind of quick update – it’s simply here to say that the mood swings seem to have departed (more or less), I’m just deadly bored at work – and I mean deadly bored. I’m also having to wander around cross-armed because certain parts of my anatomy are over sensative. I mean! I’m already wearing a tee-shirt under my shirt (the shirt is just too corse), but this is boody silly.

Of course it’s put a huge grin on my face….and people are probably wondering why I sometimes just start grinning!.

Anyway, yes, I’m in the process of writing a job app for another postition – which infact it turns out I applied for last time it came up – and didn’t get an interview. As is is, I’m determined that this time I will get an interview. Dammit I’m good. Not brilliant, but a fast learner and I’ve got lots of experience.

The one downer is the realisation that my server won’t be running X. Why? Because it only just meets the base SuSE requirements memory wise…..even if I nick memory out of my 486 it’d still not have enough – well, actually it might, but then the 486 would have to boot over the network (indeed it’d become a thin client…..)

Anyhow I’ve got this lousy meal tomorrow, why lousy? Because it’s with work – so thats “male”, and it costs money when I really can’t afford it. What with my car – which is hopefully going to be okay after tomorrow…..and the possible hint of the merest possibility of me considering getting a house…..and the server (I really, really need to get good with Linux again) well, I could do without this meal. I wouldn’t mind so much if I could go, but having to masqurade as male really does my head in.

Still…..get to see Nikki on Sunday which should be cool!

So, time for the off….anyway.

Lot’s of love….



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