03 Jun 2000, 16:23.52

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Wow, it’s June already. What’s it doing being June? Gah. It shouldn’t have finished february yet!

Anyway, Ouch I hurt.

Yes, so, what have I been up to for the past 5 days….well, more than usual. The first thing I fancy wittering about is my visit to the Linux Expo in London….why, because it makes me grin. Why, apart from me being a sad lonely techie? Well, first of all, I went as me – which was something I wanted to do – and I wasnae terribly nervous. But even better than that was my badge which proclaimed “Ms Kate Elliott”. I’ve been showing that off to people – ith a kind of “look I exist” kind of theme…..

Yes, thre was one thing that marred the Linux show. No MUGS! Can you believe it???? I mean, a computer show with no Mugs. Well, that’s not quite accurate I saw 3 heavily guarded mugs – and there were aldegdely mugs there yesterday – but I mean, what’s the point of going to a show if you don’t get a mug?

I did however get 4 distributions of Linux thust at me (and bought at a mild discount the SuSE Linux 6.4 Distrib which I’ve wanted for ages *g*. And I also got some groovy stickers, stress objects (cube, globe and penguin) and also I got a DUST PUPPPY!!!! YAY!!!!. Also somewhere in all the crap is a signed Illiad card. At least I hope it’s in here somewhere…..

But the main good thing about yesterday was that I finally got to meet various people who I’ve been speaking to online for a while – which was just really, really good….hey. real people! Cool!

Then, after the show – I went to the pub with Catherine (apologies for being late, again!) – and that has got to be the best evening I’ve had for a while. Just sat and chatted – in a pub…..no odd looks (at least none that I noticed)….

Yes, the main bad thing about yesterday was that I got the comment: “You’re a good man” from someone. I’ve got breasts. Maybe they’#re small, but they are there….Grr! Actually I nearly cried when she said it – it almost ruined my entire day – but then I thought about what a good day I’d had. And that after a few more months it’ll happen much less. So. And then I thought about something that someone who shall remain nameless did at the Linux show, and I nearly laughed out loud :)

Yes, now then there’s the issue of the car – which scared the life out of me today; it’s now dead to the point of instead of a gentle drop in speed it’s cough:stop.

4 breakdowns in approx 20 miles. Twice in really, really bad places. Fear lend you strength they say – and it’s true. Today – despite the fact I’ve done my shoulders in at the show – I managed to push a 1.4 litre golf, once uphill, and once up onto a bank – to get me out of the way of oncoming traffic.

I was impressed…..even thought the second time about just pushing the damn thing home.

Anyway, the problem is that it can’t be fixed, or even go to the gge until Tuesday, and even then I don’t get a courtesy car. Argh!

Oh, well, at least we think we know what’s wrong…..

I did think about getting another car, but we won’t go into that!

The only other thing is these ‘mones – which I think (atm at least) seem to agree with my brain – and my body. I’m feeling much happier, and grinning innanely at the fact that my body’s changing….so….*g* That’s why I need a new job tho’ since I’m not transitioning where I work, but if I don’t move soon then my body may take that decision away from me *huge grins*!

Anyway, I think that’s enough for today…..I should be doing some job related thing I expect….




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