16 May 2000, 20:33.40.

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I don’t know whether it’s the hormones, or whether it’s just me, but my mood today has been like a yo-yo. I started this morning on an emense high for no really good reason, then I got a letter from RR which made me even happier. Then I went to work, and had a fairly average day – by the end of which my good mood was definately fading.

But it was mearly lagging – then I got home – and it had turned cold – which was a pain in the arse because I needed to change the alternator (or at least remove mine in preparation for replacing it tomorrow.

Now, having got the first bolt undone I looked at the Haynes manual, and the “photo” and realised that as per usual their grasp on reality was somewhat slim. Either that or maybe they just made it up.

For whatever reason my alternator which looked like their photo was mounted by two quite rusty looking bolds – however since the first bolt had looked rusty I attempted to get these free.

Now unlike the alternators I’ve seen before this one required 4 bolts to be undone – not exactly the simplest mounting ever – indeed it’s the worst I’ve ever seen. Having not even managed to succeed in getting a spanner onto the really badly placed bolts (and having forced the alternator down (using a spanner) – this is meant to tilt?????

Anyway – my dad came out and had a hack and after about 10 minutes we had a socket on there – applying the huge amount of force it took to move it and then snap – off came the head. It had (approx 50%) rusted through.

So now, my “car” which was going to be used to take me on holiday is going to have to go into the garage for about the rest of eternity. And I can’t afford to go on holiday – a holiday I really, really needed. Lots.

So I’m miserable as fu*k again. Indeed I just want to curl up in bed and cry; my car which I was dead proud of has eaten an entire months salary and still isn’t roadworthy. Not only that but I can’t even guarantee that after this it will be – there’s still a variety of other repairs to do.

I don’t know when it’s gonna stop; it feels like the money’s just going to keep pouring out indefinately.


who’s going to sit on mirc and feel sorry for herself.


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