11 May 2000, 19:35.21

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Fnarf – how many things can go wrong with one car? Just how many? Arrrghhhh! I think it’s trying to distract me from my split up. I mean – so far we’ve had a service, which included a gearbox link, a new fuel pump (which doesn’t arrive ’til monday), new temperature sender (if I can get one), and now the alternators decided it’s going to die….


Apart from that I spent most of the day doing a job a trained monkey could do – converting a text file into nice HTML – made worse by the fact it was a text file from a pdf – and had lot’s of italics & bolds which needed to be reinstated.

However – at least it was web-design (even if kinda tedious)….I also managed to help someone do something – and I also learned that people are incapable of reading the Help files. They’re one of the few actually good things about Windows, so why don’t they use them?????

That really bugs me.

And then I want to teach them how to use any piece of WP software, but they are taught how to use word and that’s all – Arrgh!

The problem today is I’m mostly just plain fed up. I now have no money, and my plans for this weekend have rather gone to pot – because I daren’t take my car anywhere where it’s not _got_ to go.

Hopefully they’ll have a alternator in stock for my car – but it’a pain in the arse and it means I can’t go jogging tomorrow am…..because I’ve got to go and find out if they have the alternator – so I can spend tomorrow trying to fit it.


still, I just had a nice conversation with my ex….

And apparently the ‘mones are starting to kick in (I’m hungry _all_ the time!)

Well, we’ll see…




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