10 May 2000, 22:29.32.

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Well, the new site’s uploaded – I’m still feeling rather down…but not as bad – I think that may be the effect of the Estrogen!

Anyway, Nina attempted to kill me yesterday – having just had £183 spent on a service (+ bits)….the intermittent cutting out thing was being a real problem – as in I didn’t get to work, I took the car back to the garage and they (who it must be said were excellent) – they spent the entire day looking at the car and were very honest when they said “we have no idea; nothing is actually wrong”……

So I have to put up with the fact my car may choose to up and die on me on the motorway…..until (hopefully) monday when the new fuel pump arrives, which might fix the problem.

I’ve then got more expense as there’s loads of “minor” jobs which also need doing! Arrgggh!

I had loads more to write, but the mood has just left me – I’m too tired as I’ve spent the entire evening making this site work exactly the way it should!….

So I think I deserve a break, and some sleep.

And I’m not really in the mood….




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