06 May 2000, 14:42.54

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Quick update – my car was apparently “lucky” to get to the garage due to the near complete collapse of the pin that connects the gear lever to the gearbox….(at least that implies that it’s not actually the gearbox which is buggered) – bad news: they don’t have the part and can’t get it until monday morning….Arse!

I’ve finally finished porting the “in my brain” to the new style site – so it should be ready for upload fairly soon…

I’m still shattered, but I think I’m gonna go and get my drugs (using my mum’s car!)….


Kate….still tired

06 May 2000, 12:37.48.

So….what’s up then?

It must be said that I look like hell today – and infact I feel pretty much like I look…but despite feeling life this I’m still grinning and would be bouncing around (except I’ve hurt my ankles!)…what’s this due to I hear you asking (yes, you, you – my only reader!)….

Well, I went to London to see someone, and for the first time so far I went into london as me, having spent hours on shaving and cleaning myself up – having headed into london, I popped on my heels and trundled across london on the underground….

Having got maybe 800 yards from my destination I was limping rather badly…why? becuase despite the fact I’d worn these heels before I didn’t realise that they weren’t quite broken in yet and thus they were cutting my ankles to ribbons! Now, I had two options – since I was actually scouting out my target as it were – and was intending to have some lunch then turn up (having worked out where it was)….one was to go with plan a, the other was to turn around; limp back across london – to the car where I had a pair of (one-star) trainers, loose the jacket (it’s my posh suit), and pray that I looked okay…

So, having walked about another 3 paces I went with plan B! Having got to the park near my car the shoes had to come off….so I walked across the park in just my tights (getting odd looks – and I’m not surprised!).

Struggled back to the car and swapped the shoes, lost the jacket and apparently looked okay…

Anwyay – I made it back to my destination, and this time only limping slightly disappeared down the stairs….

But where was I going? I was going to se Dr Russell Reid, to make some progress on this wanting my body to match my mind thing! After an hour long interview (which I believe is pretty much the norm) he offered me a prescription for ‘mones (which is exactly what I wanted :-)

Unfortunately my plan (which was to see the doc and work out the prices of NHS as private prescriptions and decide if it was worth doing the conversion, however having done the sums (as best I can) I think it’s probably not worth it, and it’s certainly not worth taking a day off for this one!

However I may change my mind as my car has gone in for a service – however I’m getting ahead of myself here…having had my (rather groovy) appointment, I flew across london (not literally – though I’ve thrown myself at the ground on several occasions I’ve never quite got the hang of the missing the ground bit!).,,,,erm, yes, to meet up with a friend from Uni (Hi Soozy!)…

Whereupon I had a really nice (non alcoholic drink), and then we trundled off to Pizza Hut for a pizza – as she’s ill and hadn’t eaten all day, and I (because of the shoe incident) hadn’t had a chance, altough I actually didn’t feel terribly hungry!).

Anyway…after a very enjoyable evening I started back for home, the journey across london on the tube being fairly uneventful…I reached my car, hopped in and about 20 minutes down the motorway she (the car) attempted to deposit me in the middle lane. This has happened once before, but it wasn’t that long ago and I’m worried it’s going to become habit forming…

Fortunately she was already booked in for a service today, however when I took her in I felt terrible as I listed all the faults….

Reversing lights, Gear Box, Engines’ dieing of fuel starvation on the motorway now and then, windscreen wipers making a metal-against-metal screech, front wheel bearings making an awful noise at low speed (all intermittent faults as well – although the reversing lights only seemed to work for the MOT!)….

So, I’m waiting on the call to say – your car needs about £8000 worth of work….


But despite all this I’m still boucing (mentally at least – I didn’t get mych sleep last night, what with excitement, not getting to bed until (very) late and my ankles (sting like buggery & the plaster won’t stick becuase the only plasters I’ve got are about 20 years old (and that is true – literally).

Not only that, but the new version of Geiss for winamp doesn’t switch off the hourglass!

But I’m still mentally bouncing – although I feel like sh*t….

Anyway….I’m off to be knackered.




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