28 Apr 2000, 19:23.55.

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Well, I appologise for the long gap since my last installment – this is due to a variety of factors – mostly due to free internet access and IRC which allows me to occupy my entire evenings with nothing useful (well, that’s not strictly true, it keeps me sane….).

What have I been up to, well, at first glance some might consider that I had achieved nothing. Hannah and I had aonther falling out, but are back together again; I bought a few DVD’s, and made a doctor’s appointment.

But in this case it is the name of the doctor which is of importance; the doctor in this case is the consultant p/sych Dr Russell Reid. This particular doctor is the person I should have gone to see years ago, and I’m more than a little bit excited (and at the same time nervous)….it should hopefully start me down the road to the transition I want to complete….

Indeed, since making the appointment I’ve been bouncing around a fair bit…..*smiles*.

The DVD drive however has been causeing me stress, however this appears to be due to Paramount DVD’s. All my other DVD’s play fine; however my copy of “The Truman Show” DVD was unplayable, so I swapped it, for another unplayable one – having scoured the web I found other people had problems with Paramount disks….which was very annoying – indeed it was infurating as I spent hours (literally) changing DVD’s for others which were just as unlikely to work; 3 copies of the Truman Show passed through my hands in all, however in the end I exchange them for “Plunkett and Macleane” and “Analyze This”, both of which are cool.

I still want “The Truman Show”, but it’ll have to wait until either they produce a different type of disk which actually works on my player – or pioneer produce a firmware patch which take account of these (aledgedly) odd disks….

Finally, there’s the possibility of me having 2 Elastica Videos, which since I’ve searched for 4 years for the damn things is pretty damn cool, so that’s 2 down in 4 years….

I’ve also got the Dilbert DVD’s which are cool, if completely lacking in features. Either Columbia Tristar are money grabbing, petty minded gits, or else, alternatively they have no imagination whatsoever. Why in god’s name aren’t there some extra-features on there? The “Characterisation” isn’t a feature – showing me a clip of something which is elsewhere on the disk – without any extra information, voiceover, interview or anything is not a feature. It’s pointless.

If I’d have paid full price for these disks I’d have been fuming. They are awful (as interestingly enough is Region 2 edition of The Truman Show).

I don’t mind it when budget disks contain bugger all, althogh they should cost about £5.99, not £9.99 – but I can cope with it…But to charge £19.99 for a disk as valueless as these? It’s disgusting.

Anyway, enough ranting…..

So there you go, that’s my life….not too much exciting this time….




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