18 Apr 2000, 23:10.36.

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Arse. I really should be in bed….this is the third night in a row Windows 95 has kept me from my bed (at least until a ridiculously late hour).

I’ve been intendting to do a new in my brain for a long time, but I’ve simply been flooded with computer issues, and I’ve been dead busy (social life ‘n’ all)….so I best say what I’ve been up to…

Well, there was the almost splitting up with Hannah incident. Some problems which had been quitely festering came to the fore during a preiod of stress and we spent a lot of time dicussing the future, but we’re back together now. Han came down for my Birthday, which I’d been stressing about for a while. However before then came a big day. My sister (and her husband) were informed on Sri Lankan new year about my TS status (why then? becuase my dad’s birthday happens to fall on the same date, and thus we went there for a meal).

Anyway, I wouldn’t say they took it spectacularly well, but not spectacularly badly either – so, she now knows…which is fortunate since about 80% of my cards were to “Kate” *smiles*.

So. anyway, then there was the day Han came down, that was a little tense (shall we say), but we’ve sorted it out – and infact we went in to Reading and had a really nice day shopping, met up with James and Nikki for pizza in the evening (so a big Hi to them), then we trundled to the pub….

Unfortunately I offered James a lift home. Now I say unfortunately because we got back to the car and found that some fool had left the lights on (fx: “hum, hum hum, mmmm…do, do doo..me?? never!”). But fair play to the AA who managed to get someone (Bromley recovery) to us within an hour…and the bloke was dead friendly – didn’t laugh at Nina, and I nearly killed his battery when I tried to start mine (let’s say mine was a weeee bit flat *g*).

So, then we trundled back to James’ flat – and I spent far too much time being techie (because Han litterally was asleep on her feet!).

Anyway, my birthday went really well, I even went for a wander with Hannah (yes, I left my computer behind!)…. Which was cool, my sister came down, which was also nice, and I had a great meal (and more importantly a chocolate cake *vbg*)….

Also my DVD decoder means I can finally watch my DVD’s in non-skipo-vision….and on my TV! Unfortunately it’s shown up that my TV really does need its colour settings adjusted….so if anyone has instructions for setting up a Fergason Colourstar Mark 1 TV I’d be very grateful (I know that it’s best to adjust things in a specific order – I just don’t know which order….! Also I’ll have to fish out the Beeb ‘cos it’s the only thing I know which’ll reliably provide some basic simple colour bars…..

Yes, so next up is that….then of course there’s windows. Well actually there’s my curse – which means that windows is causing grief again…you see I’ve got this new toy, it’s a USB camera, so after much searching I managed to find some USB ports to add to my computer (it had the motherboard connector but no backplane connector) – anyway, I enabled it (the USB) in the Bios and Lo and behold Windows detected it and then Hung. After many repeats of this I’ve managed to get it so that windows detects it, then installs a “driver” which fails to work despite apparently being the best available.

Then theres MS US who seem remarkably helpful, and MS UK who seem to think that money should be involved in the “helping users” situation….

So I’m currently thinking about the W2000 option….which expensive though it (might) be may lead to more of a success on the old USB front. Except that most of my hardware seems to be a little erm, shall we say, different….!

Anyway, that’s enough techiness for one night….

But there’s more stuff, and it’s non-techie! First of all I now truly do believe that herbal hormones do definitely do something for me….I’m not saying they do for everyone but they do for me…

I actually do find it much harder not to clean up – as in leaving dirty mugs/plates/pans – it really bugs me….My rooms still a tip – but that’s due to being fed up with being so cramped. I simply cannot bother to tidy since last time it lasted about 1 day before it become a mess because of needing to move X to get to Y….

So there’s that, and the other thing is I can’t leave the house unshaven….indeed I find it much harder to be slobby outside than I used to. I even crawl out of bed marginally earlier to ensure that I am in a fit state to be seen; this isn’t fair!

The other (and totally unrelated to the above) thing was something which happened onto my way to work. There’s this theory about there being an infinite number of universes with every combination of every decision possible. Thus there are more universes every second…..

Anyway, I was coming towards this junction and I felt the car start to pull out in front of the car in front of me, and I felt it braking and swerving. However neither of these happened. Infact I wanted to brake but somehow I knew it hadn’t actually happened; it was really quite bizarre….

Anyway, I best be off to bed (well actually I’m chatting on mIRC at the mo)….so…night folks

kate (aged 1!).


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