06 Apr 2000, 20:58.22

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I’m actually writing this under duress! I don’t feel like it, but I feel I should (see I’m ILL! Sympathy please)…

Anyways, what happened today? Or yesterday? Or whatever?

Well, I’ve got the most awful, nasty, nasty cold….(and now a cough too), so I’ve been off work for two days (back tomorrow tho’). I’ve also finally got my FridgeCode….this for the unitiniated is like those fridge magnets with words on that you make poetry from, or prose, or whatever…only in this case they have loads of techie words as well…which is more my style.

Also, my GeekGirl teeshirt arrived, only today we dicovered that there is a difference between UK X-Large, and US X-Large. UK X-Large is just nicely baggy…US-X-Large is somewhat like a tee-shirt-dress, which is unfortunate, because there’s no way on earth I’m sending it back, only to wait another 2 months for it…so it’s a dress, how bad is that?!

And my major news (well relatively), is that I went to the GP today, and he’s organising a referral to Russell Reid (with luck, love and some hope), and also said that he’ll convert private prescriptions to NHS ones…which has got to be the best news ever…or at least today…

Anyway, back to elastica….”da da da”……

Kate (Smiling for once)


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