28 Mar 2000, 21:18.31

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Well, here I am scrawling again, why? well I suppose it’s kinda therapy for me. I suppose to some extent it’s a little odd putting my most private thoughts (or at least some of them) out into the big wide world – indeed, in some ways it’s kind of like the American obsession with chat shows, though I’d like to feel that I’m less of a freak and I’m not using this to exorcise my demons quite as much – but maybe I’m wrong…still, I’m going to carry on regardless…

On the other hand you (whoever you are) reading this are being rather voyerisitc I suppose, looking into someone elses private life….not that I object, I mean I can hardly object if you readers read the stuff I put up. Infact to some extent I’m kinda proud that people read it….maybe I could write a soap!

So, what’s the beef today? (or tofu/vegtable grill steak to vegiterians)…. erm, yes, I’m for an unknown reason in a bouncy mood; apparently my depressing “brain” on the 18th in fact depressed someone (Hi James – didja like the way I sneaked the link to you in? ;-) which is not the intended effect, but I guess reading about someone elses trials can be hard. Infact I know it can – but I make no appologies for what is on this site. It’s what’s in my brain – so here it is….

What have I done today then? Well, I’ve been driven nuts by the sqeaking of my windscreen wipers – so I’m going to have to get up early just to oil whichever part of it is making the awful metal against metal screech. I’ve put the 1xCD-Rom into the 486 – I’m just waiting on some drivers from my dad so that I can install Linux onto it….then I’ll have my fully featured web server platform – which should be cool (in a really geeky way). I signed up for a new ISP so this site will be moved when I redesign it…to fit in with the redesign there will be whole great clomping additions – like a full, complete (well approximately complete) biography, plans for the future, and anything else….infact basically it’ll be that, plus this site, plus most of the content of Kato’s Pointless Page all wrapped into one….

Which should be nice….

Anyway….I think that’s enough wittering for the one night. If inspiration strikes then I’ll have a hack at the new site, otherwise I’ll be reading The Tesseract by Alex Garland…. So there we go….


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Kate's allegedly a human (although increasingly right-wing bigots would say otherwise). She's definitely not a vampire, despite what some other people claim. She's also mostly built out of spite and overcoming oppositional-sexism, racism, and other random bullshit. So she's either a human or a lizard in disguise sent to destroy all of humanity. Either way, she's here to reassure that it's all fine.