25 Mar 2000 – 18:58.12

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Well, I’ve just got back from meeting Nikki and Kelly, so how did it all go? They’re terrible…only kidding….. ;-)

Let’s start with Friday, which went swimmingly….there’s someone at work who, to put it mildly, Rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know why – she has been described to me as having a rectal-cranial inversion by someone else. Anyway, it culminated this week in her complaining about my attire. IE my Jeans/boots which I’ve been wearing to work. I’m not impressed…nor was anyone else.

So, next week it’ll be back to mens clothes, something which really doesn’t appeal to me. Arse. The other thing she did was refuse to take my word for the fact that (a) we don’t have any laptops with CD-Rom drives, and also the fact that our network machines won’t work off the network, and to prove this she rang other people at home! I’ve been going out of my way to be nice, helpful and polite to this damn woman and I’ll I get back is c**p. Well, stuff her, she can sort out her own problems in future. My solution ‘ll be to delete her account. That’d solve my current feelings.

Unfortunately this meant I was rather distracted today, despite the great news that someone I thought I’d completely lost touch with is still about! This refers to Charlotte, who I’d heard knew about me but I’d not heard her reaction, and since I didn’t tell her I felt a little bad – but I had no contact with her (much like Rhian and Claire who I believe know). So, I just chalked it up to experience and occasionally felt bad becuase she’s a really nice person….and then out of the blue I get an e-mail, and a very touching one at that – which improved Friday immesurably.

But what about today? What about Nikki and Kelly? Well….I trundled into Reading today, and feeling rather nervous unceremouniously parked Nina, before wandering into town. Now, it must be said I didn’t get any comments (that I heard) today, which was enough to make me smile….

Anyway, Nikki and Kelly both seem to be really cool, and they put up with me being nervous, quiet, and probably not the best company in the world…Mostly because of two things….one: Not much social interaction and two: that bloody woman is still driving me nuts (phrases like “who does she think she is” keep floating around my head).

Anyway’s I’m off to be online, upload this and try and get the enthusiasm to get the CD-Rom into the DX-2 so I can install linux (sounds fun!)….

Altough I’m knackered and my feet hurt….


Kate xx


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