22 Mar 2000, 20:26.07.

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Well, I still can’t get overhow lucky I am…..and how wonderful my parents have/are been/being….I realise how uncommon it is, and I really, really do feel like the luckiest girl alive at the moment…even with no house…

For the first time ever, my mother called me Kate…although she did ask me what name I’d chosen for myself when I was eating my dinner/lunch (dinner is at lunchtime, so I have lunch at dinner time) – nearly causing me to choke…Then later she came up the stairs and called me Kate….*smiles*.

On other fronts…..it may look like I’ve done all these updates in one go…that’s not the case, and anyone who thinks it is may request a screenshot of the filer window with “full details” on…..or else can just put up with it ‘cos they ain’t getting one….

What has happened is the FC have been having some “technical difficulties”….much like mine with the bl**dy nav bar….I will fix it….! Yes, so although my site has been (intermittently at least) present – I’ve been unable to upload anything. Which is really, really annoying….esp. as my readership seems to be bigger than I think it is!

Infact, I’ve decided to add a counter to the In My Brain index page simply to try and get an idea of the readership….I will also add a guest book at somepoint in the near future….but I’ve got some unpacking to do.

Yes, the time has come to get all the clothes I’ve been hiding away out of the boxes and into the closet (ironic eh?). Anyway…..yes….so that’s a challenge. Not least because there’s not really enough space in there for my “male” clothes, let alone a complete other wardrobe, which is pretty much what I’ve got; albeit a small one.

So, also there’s the small matter of all my underwear. Now, admittedly there’s not enough for me, if I were full time, but there’s still a fair bit…..Arrrrgghhhhhh, chaos!

Anyway, yes, Oh, and I’ve been told that my pages read like a soap opera….I’m kinda touched….’cept for the fact I don’t really watch soaps, apart from Sunset Beach which is truely hillarious….a doctor (the only doctor!) who don’t notice a womans walking around with a cushion for a baby, voodoo curses….hey – it doesn’t read like sunset beach does it…..? Please tell me my life’s better written than sunset beach!

I mean, I don’t turn the set upsidedown to change it from a factory to a boat!….c’mon….please……

Time to go and add to the chaos of my room…..



PS. a big Hiya to people from Uni I’ve just found out read this…so: Hiya, Pari, Cassie (actually I’ve known you read it for a while <g>), Ross and Charlotte…..anyone else out there??????


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