21 Mar 2000

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So….what happened this weekend then? Was it an uneventful, quiet weekend – or was it packed with thrills, spills and other such excitement?

Well. It started much as an ordinary weekend does. Me, in bed, being me. Lying there, unwilling to get up. Unwilling to face the reality of the real world…..So…..eventually I crawled out of bed. It was a gorgeous day, so I wandered out for a walk and took some fantastic(ly bad) photos….Then I went and got them developed (got them back today – they really are useless; either dull, blurry or, in the case of the holiday ones taken with a flash, overexposed).

Anyway, having done this…I settled down to my usual evenings entertainment. Being bored in front of the computer. Actually, that’s not strictly true. I settled down to being vaguely interested in front of the computer, then I moved on to reading my e-mail, using mIRC, and then getting some more info for the fateful day I tell my parents.

Then, about 10 o’clock I decided that perhaps this was the day. Perhaps now was the time. And I nearly threw up. I spent the whole of the next day (i.e. Sunday) feeling generally awful and achieving very little (although I did in fact clean my bedroom just to take my mind off things!). Then, I had an appalling dinner. Not because the food was in any way less good than normal. It tasted excellent – I just really, really didn’t feel like eating.

Then, at about 8.30 pm I told my parents. I sat them down in the lounge…they guessed I was gay (which I’m not), and various other things (simply because I didn’t know how to tell them). Until after about 3 guesses I told them. They were both initially very surprised, although my mother recalled suspicions from my youth, although my father had no idea whatsoever….

However they both said they’d support me as best they can. And my mother is now trawling through any medical paper, and all the general information I can obtain. So….that went much better than expected. Also, not only that Nikki has come back with a response so, hopefully I’ll be off to meet her next Saturday. So….that’s the way things look this monday.

Oh, and I’ve just found some really, really cheap insurance for my car. If I thought I was doing well before, well……

To be honest I didn’t find them. Chris at work did – but hey!

So….that’s all for today folks….




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