11 Mar 2000, 21:35.50

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Feeling pretty good today…I don’t know if it’s the ‘mones but I’ve been feeling much more motivated recently….what? You don’t believe me? Hey….today I’ve been to town, bought some socks and some leggings (my SO finds this highly amusing that I say “well they’re comfortable” about things…). Anyway, yes, located the household waste disposal site (to get rid of some junk)…although I’ll have to go and do it tomorrow….found the leak in my car – and hopefully fixed it…washed and polished it….and added this site to the UK Angels web-ring….oh, almost forgot, did some rust treatment on Nina (front wheel arch and pass-side (back)door and sill, fixed the loose doorhandle (as best as it’s possible to without buying new parts).

So, how’s that? Not bad for a Saturday…and I’m considering tidying my room….because it’s driving me NUTS!

Oh, I also stuck some oil in Nina…..she was just on the minimum mark, so tomorrow I’m going to get some oil, and check the (fixed) leak – and if it’s been a nice night then I’ll take a photo of her looking pristine….

Mmmm….so how am I feeling? Dead positive….I don’t know why, I’ve had a nice few days, started using mIRC again (Hiya folks & thanks Aoife (although I’m now stuck listening to it (Aoife’ll understand that one))).

Ohh….multi-bracketted sentances….I love’em.

One problem with working on the car – my hands feel dead dry now….which is not good. I’ll be putting more moisturiser on them…..oh, and my parents have been home all day, so I haven’t had a chance to try on my leggings….

Anyways….I’m off to tidy my tip, sorry, room…..(I can’t wait to move out….some s p a c e !).




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