09 Mar 2000, 1750

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Well, here’s a novelty. I’m writing this at work…why? becuase it’s been a quiet day and I’m not really doing anything specific at the moment.

I’ve got a headache courtesy of my wisdom teeth which appear to be attempting a comeback attempt on my jaw. Ouch!!!! So, a day staring at computers probably isn’t the best job. AND WILL SOMEONE ANSWER THAT PHONE!!!!!

Sorry, that’s been driving me nuts (and still is), but it’s up 3 floors, not in my office, and thus I can’t answer it. Still. Someone else just has, so that ought to help my mood a little.

Anyway, I’ve just designed a new site for the school, unofficially. I’m not sure wether it’s going to be used, but it’ll be the first Vision Site to go live if it does. Of course they don’t know that!

Unfortunately most of the site actually came courtesy of their old one which was done in Front Page. So I spent about half an hour on each page just removing non-existant tags, and tags which were opened then closed imediately. But, it was nice to get some web-design in.

The hormones…well, how have they affected me (week 1…)? Have they affected me at all? Well. I feel calmer, I don’t know if that’s just my imagination or if it’s real, but it certainly feels real! Also, on recieving some really bad news earlier this week, rather than instantly sinking into depression, it took much longer and I didn’t hit the real bottom line that I used to.

So, perhaps they’re helping….and I can’t wait for (shall we say) any other developments…..

What I also might have mentioned last time (can’t check, don’t visit my site from work for obvious reasons). Anyway, yes, was the fact that I went to a PARTY!!!! Yes indeed. As me.

One of my flatmates had a party, and Plan A was to go as myself (he wanted to meet me), and get changed for the party. However, we skipped on the getting changed bit….and I had a really great time. Most people were fine, I got some odd looks from one person (although she was okay the next day), and there was one interesting incident in the evening.

This (really friendly) American lass, Catherine(?) I think, anyway, she kind of looked at me a bit oddly initally, and when we got talking she eventually asked about my “attire”. Although for the first X minutes me, and all the people around me were trying to work out what “a tyre” had to do with anything. And whether it was some odd Americanism that we’d not heard. And then it clicked….

And then I can’t actually remember what my response was…it was vague I recall…(hey, their punch was about 30% alcohol, but tasted like it was 0% alcohol…went down far, far, far too easily). Anyway, later she asked what I’d be wearing next time I saw her (like when?!), and I said “Oh, something similar to this”.

I can’t actually remeber her question, but it resulted in the explanation that I’d pretty much always be dressed like this (although I sit here now in jeans…!). At which point she queried my Adams Apple….So I explained…okay this is tedious now.

Basically she was fine about everything and turned out to be really nice! Also, for the first time in my life I had a really long chat with Cassie (another university freind who I’ve just never sat and chatted to).

This section read:”Which was really nice”. This is not appropriate. I’ve used “nice” too many times. Suffice to say that it felt great to be myself, with my friends and almost totally relaxed. Yeah, okay I was stressing quietly initally, but by the end…well, I was just happy to be there. So, thanks to Paul for organising it, and thanks to everyone else for being so cool….




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