10 Feb 2000 – 23:31.50

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10 Feb 2000 – 23:31.50

Arse. Bugger. I’m a complete tit.


Because “newer” is turned on on this machine. So it doesn’t request before overwriting if it’s a “newer” file.

I make these pages by copying a file called “.htm” and saying “copy as ‘date'” where ‘date’ is the date, inserted by simply hitting [alt]+[d], and then removing the capital letter from the month and hitting [return].

Why so much detail? Because you can see how it becomes automatic. You do it without thinking. And then you overwrite the file you made the previous day – after 12 pm. Ooops.

And guess what……it’s not cached…..and I hadn’t uploaded it. And just to make things better I can’t upload it! he he! FC’s playing silly buggers again and I can’t log on!

So, what did I put yesterday? Well first of all Pioneer graced me with a response. Okay it wasn’t helpful but it spurred me into actually working at getting the drive to work – which was worthwhile becasue now my DVD player works…..okay my S3 graphics card is really not upto the job but hey!

Yes, and err….yes, I didn’t tell my mother about myself…. a night or two spent as myself seemed to perhaps hold of the inevitable for a little while. Although it’s getting F’ing hard to….and I’m so used to my “chest” that I have to think to remove it before leaving my bedroom in the morning….

I think that was all….let’s have a look at the really depressed 8th of Feb one….and see what else was in it…


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