10 Feb 2000 – 23:08.13

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10 Feb 2000 – 23:08.13

Just to prove it does happen…..I’m in a good mood again.

A night spent as me, and a fairly hectic day (by my standards)….I’ve finally cleaned up my room, I’ve done loads of rubbish disposal, I’ve installed linux (SuSE/6.3/Evaluation) on my PC, and, I’ve looked at the fault in my car, and well, I think that’s not bad…..

Really, this is just to prove that I’m not always depressive! Anyway – what else? Well I had an e-mail in response to some of the stuff I wrote…..and I found it kinda funny that blokes worry about the same things as me…. Related to the crossing legs incident….I’m beginning to wonder if the whole world worries about the same petty little things which I do.

Which would be nice….because I’ve always wondered if I’m a little bit odd – because sometimes I worry about the most ridiculous little piffling things – posture, the way I’m speaking (Hemel Accent occasionally rears it’s ugly, oh so ugly head (“I’m going down tahn”)), about such minor things as crossing my legs….

And then I think “Oh for christs sake, no one’s going to care”….but it doesn’t stop me stressing anyway!

On a totally different subject – some study has apparently shown that people who use computers lots end up with mental problems (this is a very basic summary based on my mothers insitance that I should use the computer less…). Although it might be said that my computer use is excessive….but in my parents house the TV reception is so appauling that I don’t bother watching tele….my DVD drive is connected to my computer – so if I do watch a DVD….it’s probably on my computer…..I design web-pages in my spare time, or edit these “In My Brain” thingies, or answer e-mails (or read them, the TG-Lists take up about 1 hr of my day)….and that really doesn’t leave that much time to do much else.

That’s not strictly true – when I’ve got money I read lots, and in summer I go walking – but here, in winter, with all my books packed away in the garage, and nowhere for me to relax….alone….and read. Well, my room is my refuge and my computer’s are just too easy to use. I mean, with MP3.com they’ve got half a ton of music on them as well….

And it’s just too easy to turn ’em on…..and sit down….and end up using them instead of something else I had planned. So….yeah, I probably do yuse them too much – but in the absence of a viable alternative interest – what am I meant to do? I could….go to the pub on my own (wooo!)….because I know no-one my age or older, or younger in the village with anything like my interests. Or, I could watch static on the tele….

So, all in all an exciting life I _could_ lead…..but I can’t see how using computers could lead to mental difficulties. Unless it’s playing games too much – but I’m not heavily into gaming. Infact I’m barely lightly into gaming – apart from major sessions of SimCity once in a while….

So I think I’m probably safe to contine….wibble…..spatula….There’s about 3 people in the world who’ll understand why I put spatula there….I wonder if any of them will read it?

I think that’s enough jabbering for one night (it really is just plain insanity tonight init!).


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